Our Mission


No fads, No Gimmicks, no BS, just work and tools.

Tools & knowledge

Our Vision

Our goal is to utilize our expertise & performance experience and combine this with our knowledge based content like our G2A2 framework and AF TV programs to provide a comprehensive approach to getting the most out of yourself as an individual. Providing you with the methods, framework, and tools you need to achieve greatness.

Go, Grow, Advance, Achieve

Our Framework

Our G2A2 framework is carefully built and integrated into The Transtheoretical Model or TTM. Our content walks you through the framework and gives you the tools you need to help guide you along your path to achieving your goals and fulfilling what greatness means to you. You can find this content through our AF TV page


Fitness | Community | Empowerment

At American Fitness we believe you should have certain rights, and we structured our values to align with these rights. We understand the importance of your rights to fitness, community, and empowerment. As our values we use these principles to shape the content we produce, the products we design, and ultimately the experience you have by choosing us as a company you can trust. We know this trust is crucial to build relationships with not only our customers, but with the community around us as well. We know greatness isn't achieved alone.